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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is event production?


A: Event production combines all the elements of planning, marketing, management, and -you guessed it- production to bring your event to life. Whether it is a corporate shareholder meeting, a company picnic, a concert or a fun run. It’s a blanket term that covers everything, from the catering to the décor to the stage, speaker, and lighting arrangement.

Q: What event services do you offer?


A: Any and all event services you need! We offer event management, planning, production and execution, promo photos and videos, decor, lighting design, scenic design, custom fabrication and more. We also have a large network of auxiliary event service providers we can connect you with.


Q: I have an event, but I am not sure what I need, can you help me?


A: Of Course! We can guide you through the process of figuring out all the details to make your event a success. From how big of a room you need to how many microphones and speakers, we are happy to help!


Q: Do you work with Non-Profit Groups?


A: Absolutely! In fact, we often will give discounts in exchange for a donation receipt. 


Q: How early should I book your services?


A: While earlier is always better, we have extensive experience bringing together very high profile events on very tight timelines. So whether you need event services in six months or in thirty-six hours, you can count on us.​


Q: Who handles my event?


A: One of our expert project leads will be your main point of contact. They will be the person to go to no matter what you need, so you don't need to call eight different people to get an answer. We believe in simplifying our client's job when it comes to event management so they can focus on the important things like overall event design and content.


Q: Is there a penalty if I need to cancel the event?


A: We request a 20% deposit no later than fourteen days before the event is going to take place. If it is cancelled within those fourteen days, the deposit is forfeit. However, if there are extraordinary circumstances, we are of course willing to find a solution that works for everyone involved.

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